Production worker

Are you looking for a new job as a production worker? Do you want to work 38 hours a week in 4 days? This vacancy could be interesting for you! What are you going to do? As a production worker you ensure that the customer receives the final product on time. You work in a close team on a product that includes charcoal. This is what your workday will look like: The raw material arrives at the expedition. The material is ground into powders and taken to the production hall.

The raw material is poured into a machine and pressed into molds, after which tablets are formed. These tablets are shaken on a plate and put into the oven to harden. After this the production transfers to a fully automated packing line. The tablets are sorted and packed in boxes. Lastly, the tablets will be stacked on pallets before they ship off to international customers. As a production employee you are responsible for various activities in this process.

You also solve minor technical faults where necessary. Your working days are three days of 10.5 hours and one day of 6.5 hours, meaning you have an extra day off every week! You're allowed to have 5 breaks during your shift. 4/5 breaks are paid and there's one break of half an hour of lunch time at your own expense. Is there anything else you would like to know about this vacancy, please call our office at 0497-287363 - our consultants

Naomi, Lesley and Yvette are happy to help you!

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  • Bladel
  • Parttime
  • HAVO
  • 2000 - 2000 p/m