Parttime work Holiday Resort - schoonmaak

The best part time job of the year will be available again! Would you like to work 2/3 days a week? At the most beautiful locations in Limburg? Then read on! What are you going to do? In everything you do, you are keen on cleanliness! As an employee, you will ensure a safe environment and an optimal holiday atmosphere in the holiday parks. You are of vital importance in our society and your job as an employee is so much more than just cleaning. Together with your fellow cleaners, you ensure that the guests of the park experience a holiday feeling and can immediately enjoy it from the moment they arrive.

And all this in a safe working environment. What are the tasks? Cleaning of, among other things, the sanitary, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom(s); Cleaning and making up the beds. Vacuuming and mopping the floors.

USG People The Netherlands

  • Maastricht
  • Parttime
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  • 2200 - 2200 p/m