Galvanizing metaal

Are you looking for steady production work in an industrial work environment with a possibility to get permanent work placement withing city Weert? Then you should consider applying for this vacancy. We are looking for a motivated production employee (productiemedewerker) for “Verzinkerij van Aert”. Verzinkerij stands for galvanizing production facilty and they are professionals in galvanizing metals. That’s what the company does, they provide steel products with a corrosion-resistant zinc layer.

Hot dip galvanizing is the main production process of Verzinkerij van Aert, but it is not the only service they have to offer. Other services they have to offer, are logistics, storage services, own transport, covering the metal products with powder coating or wet paint, assembly of parts into a final product. As a production employee at

Verzinkerij van Aert you need to be available to work fulltime 40 hours a week. After your start you will work at one the departments of the company. Your work contains a lot of working with steel. It means that you need to and are going to perform physically heavy activities. Therefore, it is essential that you are in a good physical shape. If you already have experience with technical / production work or have a technical degree or certificated knowledge it will give you an advantage during the recruitment process.

USG People The Netherlands

  • Weert
  • Fulltime
  • HAVO
  • 2348 - 2348 p/m