Employee flexpool

Are you someone who does not like permanent work, a student or do you like flexible work then you belong to our Flexpool. If you apply for the Flexpool, you will be registered and added to the mailing pool. In those mailings there are jobs that must be fulfilled. This could be anything! Work in logistics or in the catering industry, work in supermarkts, and so on! These services are often in or around Eindhoven but fortunately this city is also easy to reach from

Den Bosch or Tilburg! The great thing about the Flexpool is that it is often parttime or they are one-time shifts. This means that you can combine multiple shifts if you want to work full-time. You can also easily work during the holidays, because then it is a holiday job. You decide when to accept jobs. You can also always choose to work an evening shift. Via your own portal it is possible to indicate your availability, to accept jobs, but also to refuse jobs.

This will be fully explained when we register you.

USG People The Netherlands

  • Eindhoven
  • Parttime
  • -
  • 1040 - 1040 p/m