Parttime Inventory Employee

Counting down the days till your next salary? Use those counting skills at RGIS and you'll never have to wait longer than a week for your well-earned money! Together with a team full of (usually) students you will meet at Arnhem Central Station to go to the working location together. There's a nice balance between Dutch and international people so you'll always have enough to talk about, no matter if you speak Dutch or only

English. Upon arrival at companies like Kruidvat and Scapino, you will get your scanning device and all necessary information from your teamleader and it's time to count! You will be counting the inventory at these companies. A very flexible job for a longer period (vast werk), perfect to combine with studies or other activities. At this moment we are only looking for drivers, so if you have a drivers license you can apply. As a driver you will get the full traveltime payd, €7,65 per hour.

The working hours are between 13:00-00:00. You will meet at the station between 13.00-15.00 and will return between 22.00-00.00. Planning your shifts is very easy. Every 2 weeks you can change your availability for the coming weeks, so your work schedule always fits the rest of your schedule!

USG People The Netherlands

  • Arnhem
  • Parttime
  • HBO
  • 1645 - 1645 p/m