Metaal worker MGG Netherlands

If You are an experienced metalworker looking for a new full-time challenge? Maybe You would like to work at MGG in Tegelen / Venlo in the Finishing Department where You are responsible for the finishing and quality control of aluminum castings. Are You looking for a job with good earnings and for a longer period of time? Read further carefully. Without Your efforts, the products will not reach MGG's customers on time. Your role is crucial in this process to keep production running at customers such as

Daimler, Mercedes, Volvo and Rehema. Are You looking for a job where you can start as a production employee and where You can get oportunity for a contract with the customer? Then we are looking for YOU! Your activities include pressing, grinding, sawing, milling, coring, blasting and impregnating castings. These activities are often done manually. Experience with hand tools is important!

MGG is constantly busy with automatisation, which is why high-tech robots are ready for You at the FInishing Department! These robots take a lot of the heavy lifting off Your hands. You put the castings in the robot and it grinds, saws and mills the castings. You check the products when they come out of the robot. Customers (including Volvo, Daimler, DAF, Porsche) set high standards, making an eye for quality an important topic at the Finishing


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  • Venlo
  • Fulltime
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  • 2032 - 2032 p/m