Flexpool summer work

Are you already searching for a vacation job? Let us help you further and start as a flex worker for ASA! In the summer we have all kinds of jobs and you will get the opportunity to find something you like to do. When you become part of our flexpool you get the change to work within different companies and do different jobs all in or near Eindhoven. You can work in a warehouse, factory, catering, vacation parks and more. You choose what is the best fit for you!

ASA uses an app for our flexpool. This app will be used to let you know what kind of work we have for that week. When you want to work a job you just click on accept and that is that! Don’t feel like waiting till it is summer for a job? Not a problem! Let us know your availability and what works for you in your motivation.

USG People The Netherlands

  • Eindhoven
  • Parttime
  • HBO
  • 1900 - 1900 p/m