Procesoperator ASML (2/5-ploegen)

Main Responsibilities: PROCESSES (overall, technical, organizational, support) Know How / Knowledge Transfer: Acquire and transfer knowledge of current and new, materials, processes, applications and safety aspects to colleague operators, to ensure effective and efficient work execution. Act as source of information for maintaining proper overall skill-level balance within group. Introduce / Support: Act as technical expert within department.

Support research and new processes by Development and engineering, which lead to process improvements. Means / Methods: Make sure process materials and (complex) equipment is used in proper and efficient way. Propose modifications / alterations where needed. Support scheduling Preventive Maintenance in close cooperation with Equipment Support and Team Leader. Document (with

PE) agreements and WoW of technical execution of processes in Work instructions, OCAPs or databases. Create and maintain flows/recipes with PE. Introduce / Support: Execute, support and guide introduction of new processes together with PE and TL. Represents manufacturing Metrology requirements, required for a solid and standardized execution of (new) processes. Control / Reporting: Interpret and act on process data, propose improvements. Assess which (potential) problems need to be escalated.

COORDINATION (interfacing, communication, supervision) Service / Communication: Inform colleagues on priorities and deviations of processes. Inform and involve specialists where needed. Communicate, document, and transfer results/issues from shift to shift and solve technical issues where needed. Support alignment own processes to processes of internal customer / interfacing departments. Collaboration /

Cooperation: Support constructive collaboration/cooperation by proposing/implementing solutions, concepts, giving feedback and execution of department activities. Support technical escalations

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