Back end developer

Be part of an amazing development team in Amsterdam. Roundabout is a social media advertising agency with over 150+ A brand clients.Our development team is working on intelligent solutions to back up our social media team. The next phase of this technical roadmap is developing a machine-based learning dashboard for managing realtime advertising on social networks like Facebook, Instagram , Linkedin, Snap and

Twitter. Dive into one of the fastest growing digital industries and contribute to unique technology which is used over the whole world. What are we looking for? Of course, Social media is your thing.... Furthermore we like your technical skills to meet the following : Experience in at least one of these languages: PHP, Java, Golang or something similar. Experience in microservice architecture. Experience with the model view controller.

Able to write secure code. Able to use SCM systems, for example, Git. Experience with NoSQL databases and Relational databases. Advance understanding of the HTTP protocol. Data structures and algorithms must not be new terms for you. Nice to have Knows a bit about social media marketing. Nice to have(DevOps) Experience in managing Linux servers. Experience with C

I/CD. Experience in working with containers and containers orchestrations. Experience in working with huge amount of data. Knowledge of networking and security. Let us know if you got triggered and maybe we can show you real soon who we are and what we are building!


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