‘’Innovation is always the starting point of our work’’ says Jan Smulders, CEO of Loyally. After working for Bolesian, CapGemini and Tas, Jan collected a broad knowledge in the ICT market.

‘’Our team always focusses on new features for our products that helps our customer to improve their process.’’

With Loyally we’re specialized in the integrations for the telephony and CRM market. In this 24/7 hour economy customers want to have the best service and organisations want to give the best service they’ve got to their customers. The helpdesk is the first place where the customer comes in contact with the organisation, that’s why it is an essential moment for the organisation to create a great relationship with the customer.

Loyally believes that the agent, who has the first contact with the client, needs to work easy with all relevant information available in one click. If you look at the market for customer contact there are great tools available. What we do is combine the strenghts of those tools and present them in one screen. Easy, time saving and cost effective.

We are proud to have key partners like Vanad, Evolve, Salesforce, Zendesk and Freshdesk.

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